Shopping for kids’ shoes can be a frustrating experience. You want something that’s going to last, maybe have a little room for growth, and isn’t going to break the bank. Your child, on the other hand, may pick shoes for less … pragmatic reasons. 

Regardless, when it comes to children’s shoes, the best choice may be to let your child pick something that allows them to express themselves. If you look at celebrities today, from Katy Perry and her blue hair to Lady Gaga’s zany outfits, creativity in self-expression is everywhere around us; why not let your kids get in on the action?
Children are naturally spontaneous and creative. For them the world is new and exciting; a magical place in which they can learn and grow. Their expressiveness and creativity should be cultivated and encouraged amid the comings and goings of everyday life like school, sports, or other activities.

 You can help your child grow in amazing ways by allowing them to be themselves and to use the creative parts of their brains in their everyday lives. Read a story with them and allow them to make funny voices and sound effects, or when you go shopping for clothes, let them pick out a few outfits for themselves. Let them wear what they like. 

At Dezzys Footwear, we have a wide variety of unconventional and unique shoe and color designs to fit the unique style of your child. Our shoes are designed to provide a slender, supportive fit for children’s feet so they can feel comfortable while they’re at school, outside playing, or running errands with mom. The designs on Dezzys Footwear are where things get crazy.